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KetoCounter was designed specifically for use with the Ketogenic diet.

Net carbs are tracked by default and your Macronutrient split is always visible so it's easier to stay on track.

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How Does KetoCounter Work?

Start by completing the Intake Form to determine your Caloric and Macronutrient split. Once done, simply tap "+Add Meal" to search for the foods you ate/are going to eat. When you're done, click "Done".

KetoCounter will figure out how many grams of Fat, Carbs, and Protein make up each food and each meal as well as how many Calories you've consumed and how close you are to your daily targets.

If you ever get stuck or run into a problem or bug, you can reach out to us at any time.

How does the Macronutrient Calculator Work?

KetoCounter calculates your Macronutrient split by measuring a number of factors.

Depending on your fitness goal (whether to lose weight, gain weight, or stay at the same weight) and the Macronutrient split (KetoCounter currently uses a 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbs split), KetoCounter determines how many grams of each Macronutrient you need each day to remain in a Ketogenic state and the amount of calories you need to aim for in order to reach your fitness goals!

In a later release, we aim to offer more flexibility in setting up your Fitness Goals so you can really fine-tune your targets.

Features - What's to Come

It's still early days for but there are a number of improvements that are coming to KetoCounter. Some of these features include:

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The Story behind

When I designed KetoCounter, it was because I had tried other free Keto Apps on the market and couldn't find one that gave me everything I needed and wanted.

I was determined to change that and so created to make it possible to follow and succeed on the Keto diet without any of the restrictions I encountered with other Apps.

As a programmer, too, I wanted to build an app that was lightweight, fast, and easy to use. I would like to think that I've achieved something close to my vision (see sidebar) and I hope you'll enjoy using KetoCounter!

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